cirriculum vitae

My areas of research are nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics. More specifically, I am applying nuclear physics to increase our knowledge of the formation of the elements during explosive stellar scenarios: supernova, and nova outbursts. You recall that thing from your high school days called the Periodic Table of the Elements? That Table lists nature's "ingredients" for all of the matter that we know here on Earth, and in the Universe. The calcium in your bones, the oxygen that you breathe, the iron that's in your blood; all of these elements were synthesized within the interior of stars, and then dispersed into interstellar space when a dying star supernova explodes, or goes nova. You and I, your family, your dog, your cat, the water you drink, and virtually everything else on this planet owes its existence to those bright lights you see up in the night sky. No, not street lights: STARS! In a philosophical way we are in some sense "children of the stars". Science and the physics I do are more than just "interests" for me; they are passions. Find out more about the research I do by visiting my science link.

Another passion in my life is baseball. Yes, I know, how "cliche"; another person who loves a sport. Big deal, right? Well, I don't play it (I used to) and nor do I sit at home on a couch being an "armchair" player/coach. I get to see, and participate in, the game from a perspective few people who follow the game will ever experience; from behind the mask of the umpire. I am a national level baseball umpire. This season is my fourteenth year working the game, and second season after a 5 year absence from the fields. While in Canada, I was a member of the BC Baseball Umpire's Association: BCBUA. And now that I am in Japan, I intend to become involved with upiring the Japanese baseball system. I find umpiring baseball extremely challenging, enjoyable, and a great means by which to build character. It is also an excellent way to build a circle of friends who posses strong character, intelligence and integrity; namely, the other "men in blue".

When not at the lab, and not on the baseball field, you can find me doing any of the following:

So, in brief, there you have it. I will just finish by mentioning one of my favourite mottos. It's an expression of my appreciation for the challenges and beauty of discovering nature.

"Mother Nature harbours many secrets, but tells no lies."

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